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With hundreds of small windows tablet to choose from on the market today, buying a nice small windows tablet is a hard decision.

small windows tablet prices and functions change frequently, and this list often features some of the best deals. Hope you will find one depending your own preference.

Top Rated Small Windows Tablet

Dell Inspiron Mini Duo 3487FNT Convertible Laptop/Tablet (Foggy Night)

Sometimes you want to touch. Sometimes you need to type. With the new touch-sensitive, Flash-capable Inspiron duo, you can do both in style.

Buyers Guide
  • “Obviously, if the game needs a keyboard, it is better to use it like a laptop.” – Edward Walker
  • “The touch screen is well implemented.” – Gregory P. Baker
  • “The duo doesn’t come with a Windows disk, and it also doesn’t have an optic/cd drive.” – Christopher J. Hughes

Asus Eee PC T91MT-PU17-BK 8.9-Inch Intel Atom Netbook Computer (Black)

Asus Eee PC T91MT-PU17-BK 8.

Buyers Guide
  • “The space bar was a problem for me, it’s just a bit too short… I accidentally hit the right-side ALT key with my thumb instead.” – Rick G.
  • “The netbook is very portable, I find myself getting it out during long queues like I would usually do with my Iphone.” – Lucas
  • “Overall, I recommend this computer for use as a great tablet/netbook.” – Andrew Price

Fujitsu LifeBook U810 1GB 40GB HDD FPCM21341

The all-new Fujitsu LifeBook U810 has a 5.6″ WSVGA Crystal View display and weighs only 1.56 lbs.

Buyers Guide
  • “And, yes, it is very small but coupled with a bluetooth keyboard it will find many uses in just about any situations it is exposed to.” – X. Chatman
  • “Pros: Light weight, after training- handwriting recognition does a very good job recognizing script, long battery life.” – B. Brennan
  • “I’m a professional writer and I like these little gizmos for working in the field.” – Richard J. Schneider

Gigabyte S1081-CF1 10.1-Inch Tablet

Gigabyte S1081-CF1 10.

Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook

Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook, A Intel Atom Z530 1.

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC Atom Z540 1.86GHz 64GB SSD 2GB 8.9 WSVGA Touchscreen BT Window 7 Professional 2x Webcams

Operating system     
Genuine Windows 7 Professional 32 bit      
Intel Atom Processor Z540 (1.86 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 533 MHz
Intel System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W      

Suggestions of the Best small windows tablet

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